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Save Valuable Time

Outsourcing logistics, first and foremost, helps a business preserve valuable time. By cutting out hours spent arranging transportation, you can reorganize your assets to better serve your company.

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Meet Your Needs

Our company is committed to fulfilling every requirement of our clients. With our extensive list of partnered carriers, we are sure to have the carrier to match your specific needs.

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Support EDI Transactions

We support a full range of EDI transactions, including load tendering (204/990), shipment status (214), and freight billing (210). This technology is integrated with our TMS software. KITS can provide you timely status updates and let you know when your loads are scheduled to pick up and deliver.


Track Your Loads

Partnering with Descartes Macropoint and Project 44, we can promptly respond to any questions regarding your shipment, providing an exact location to the minute. Carriers, please follow the link below to get started.