About Us

KITS Brokerage is on an upward trajectory as a logistics provider, prioritizing the establishment of strategic, enduring partnerships. Our commitment lies in ensuring that freight keeps moving smoothly while offering shippers reliability and visibility every step of the way. For carriers, we offer consistent lanes and adaptable solutions to meet their needs effectively.

We empathize with the daily challenges confronted by both shippers and carriers, drawing from our wealth of experience to address them comprehensively. At KITS, our track record speaks volumes, showcasing our proficiency in navigating the complexities of the logistics landscape. Trust KITS Brokerage to be your dependable partner in overcoming logistical hurdles and achieving seamless transportation solutions.

Our History

KITS Brokerage has a rich history that began over a decade ago when our Founder and President, Kevin Kubica, embarked on his career in logistics in 2006. Kevin's journey started with a passion for the industry, sharpening his skills while working for a trucking company. However, the economic downturn of the late 2000s saw the company's closure, presenting Kevin with both challenges and opportunities.

Undeterred by the setback, Kevin saw the closure as a chance to create something new and impactful. In 2009, he founded KITS Brokerage, driven by a vision of providing exceptional service to shippers while ensuring fair and timely compensation for carriers. This dedication to integrity and customer satisfaction has remained unchanged throughout our 15-year journey.

The roots of KITS Brokerage trace back even further through Kevin's family history.

Kevin Kubica


Kevin's grandfather, Edward A. Kubica, played a pivotal role in the family's trucking business, which serviced the automotive industry boom in Michigan during the 1950s. This legacy of hard work, entrepreneurship, and dedication to service laid the foundation for Kevin's venture.


Moreover, Kevin's late father, Edward R. Kubica, contributed to the family's tradition of excellence through his successful career in industrial engineering. His experiences further shaped Kevin's approach to business, blending the principles of engineering with the dynamic world of logistics.


Today, KITS Brokerage stands as a testament to this heritage, embodying the values of integrity, innovation, and partnership. What sets us apart from our competitors is our genuine commitment to building a legacy that extends beyond mere transactions. We prioritize meaningful career opportunities for our team, forge long-lasting partnerships with both shippers and carriers and remain adaptable to evolving industry trends.


As we celebrate our 15-year milestone, we reflect on our accomplishments with pride. Yet, we view this moment as just the beginning of a new chapter. With a team boasting over 30 years of collective experience, we approach the future with the same confidence and determination that fueled our inception in 2009.

Meet The Team

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Founder and President

Kevin Kubica oversees all aspects of KITS’s strategic planning and growth. With over eighteen years of experience as a freight broker, Kevin has an extensive network of loyal supply chain professionals and a broad carrier base. Personalized service to carriers and attention to customers’ detailed needs has propelled KITS Brokerage to become a respected, trusted name in the industry. When not in the office, Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife of sixteen years and three children, ten-year-old twin boys and a thirteen-year-old daughter.



Operations Manager
Patrik Payne was destined to land in the logistics industry. With a remarkable twenty-year background in mapping, Patrik took the leap into a new career as a broker assistant in 2012. His contributions at KITS Brokerage have been indispensable, shaping the company's success. Recognized for his genuine personality and eagerness to meet the needs of clients and carriers, Patrik stands out. And when the weather's fair, you'll likely spot him perfecting his golf skills. But that's not all—Patrik also channels his passion into restoring ATVs and motorcycles.
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Broker Assistant
Scott seamlessly integrates with KITS Brokerage, adding depth to the strengths the company has diligently built over the last fifteen years. Drawing from his extensive experience in banking, particularly as a mortgage broker, Scott brings invaluable insights to KITS' daily operations. His adeptness at managing multiple tasks in a dynamic work setting makes him an invaluable team member in our office. When he's not immersed in work, Scott cherishes moments spent with his wife and children.


Broker Assistant
Frank finished his year-long internship in the spring of 2024 and transitioned full-time as a Broker Assistant in May. He graduated with a degree in supply chain from the Eberley School of Business at IUP. His theoretical studies in the classroom are a great asset as he gains real-life experience in the transportation industry. He is a team player and has caught the vision of our core values. As KITS continues to expand our footprint throughout the industry, Frank will be a key component as we build our team of logistic professionals. Frank loves the outdoors, fishing being one of his favorites. He’s always up to date on the Pittsburgh Sports teams well.


New Business Development Lead
Travis has joined KITS Brokerage as our New Business Development Lead, bringing his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to generating new business opportunities. With over 15 years of proven success in building client and carrier relationships, KITS Brokerage attracted Travis with our solid reputation. His enthusiasm and goal-oriented mindset are essential for driving our business growth and managing new strategic accounts. Outside of work, Travis and his wife Amy are parents to two young boys and coach a high school girls' basketball team that reached the state finals in 2024.


Operations & Marketing Analyst
Jainish comes to KITS Brokerage with a lot of energy and determination to be another long-term fixture. His creative thinking is paving the way for KITS' vision to continue to capture the market share of more domestic freight. With an MBA in supply chain management from the Eberly School of Business at IUP and a keen interest in computer science, Jainish is an ideal fit for the team as we explore new markets and partnerships nationwide. He has sacrificed more than most, he moved to America from India in 2022 to pursue his supply chain aspirations. We are grateful his path led him to KITS Brokerage.
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Accounts Receivable and Payables Manager
Reneé is entering her third year with KITS Brokerage. She has developed a seamless process when it comes to organizing and maintaining our AR/AP. KITS' long-standing reputation of paying our vendors on time and great customer/carrier relations would not be possible without loyal employees like Reneé. Reneé is a native of Indiana, PA. She and her husband of eighteen years have a seventeen-year-old son and a thirteen-year-old daughter who are very involved in various sports.