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Truckload Carrier Service

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Truckload Carrier Services

KITS Brokerage offers several Truckload Services; drop trailer service, drop and hook, driver's assist on either end, lift-gate, team drivers and job-site deliveries. Our Truckload Services include the following wide variety of truck types, including: Vans, Logistical Vans, Conestoga/Curtain Side, Flatbeds, and Step Decks. Here is just a brief description of what you can haul on each of these trailers:


Items such as animal feed, soil, mail, catalogs, cabinets, paper, machinery parts, signs, glass, even produce if it does not require to be refrigerated, etc.

Logistical Van:

These vans also look like the regular full truckload Vans but they have E tracks on the walls of the inside of the trailer consisting of straps hooked to and holds product down so it is held in place securing so it will not move. Antique chairs, furniture, windows and doors, machinery or anything that might be very valuable or extremely sensitive to an extent.


These trailers are often used to haul products that maybe too big for the inside of a full truckload freight van, like machinery, also items such as cars, tractors, wood, steel, and roofing materials. Full truckload flatbeds come in 45 ft, 48 ft, 53 ft and extended also for longer commodities, the max for these trailers are said lengths, 102in (8.6 ft) wide, and 102in (8.6 ft) high before going into oversized permits. These trailers also have tarps to cover your product to protect from all weather conditions tarps range from 4, 6, and 8 ft lengths.


These trailers are the same as full truckload flatbeds but with curtains totally surrounding the bed of the trailer that can roll forward and back continually for loading and unloading whenever needed, these are used whenever a flatbed with 8 ft tarps are not big enough to cover your product.

Step Deck:

These trailers are also a lot like full truckload Flatbeds. They have two decks instead of one, the top one of 53 ft Step starts out at 5 ft high from the ground and is 9 to 11 foot long and then drops down to 3 feet and is 42 feet long, these trailers are typically used for shipments that are too tall for a flatbed to haul, a full truckload freight Step deck can haul commodities with a height of 10 ft. or more without having permits these trailers can also use tarps to cover your product up to 10 ft.