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KITS Brokerage Inc

Testimonial from Domtar Converting

Domtar Converting

Kit's Brokerage plays an important role in our customer service program. The type of business that we have is "next day delivery" and you need to have dependable transportation to meet those types of demands. The customer service team at Kit's show that they care about my loads through quick response and customer satisfaction. Thank you, Kit's!

Mike Arblaster

Testimonial from Mikron

Mikron Vinyl

We have been setting up many of our transportation arrangements through Kevin Kubica for several years. KITS Brokerage has quickly responded to our needs in each instance and has provided us with competitively priced truckloads and LTL shipments. Whether it be vans or flats, long haul or regional, we have benefitted from the relationship. Follow-up communication is KITS' strong suit. We have never been left hanging, whether the news be good or bad. We value our relationship with KITS and intend to continue to utilize KITS for our transportation needs.

Bob McGarry, Operations Manager

Testimonial from Hines Equipment Hines Equipment

Making the sale of a tractor is only a part of the process for us at Hines Equipment, getting the tractor to our customer is what seals the deal. We often have to locate a machine from outside the state of Pennsylvania from one of our other dealers, this is where KITS plays an important role. Time and time again, we've leaned on KITS to get the job done for us. They are also very helpful if we're trying to put a deal together and need an idea of what our trucking costs will be. We believe in KITS service so much that we often give their number out to provide trucking for our partners in the farm equipment industry.

Ed Hines

Testimonial from ProPlastix International

ProPlastix International, Inc.

With KITS Brokerage the communication is great and the slogan is no lie. Frequently I find myself needing to move a load at the drop of a hat and KITS Brokerage has come through for me many times in the past year. Competitive pricing, quick response and communication is what I need and this is the place to get it. Thanks KITS.

Chris Underkoffler

Testimonial from Penn Fencing

Penn Fencing, Inc.

Thanks so much for your great service and timely response to our need. I never thought we would be able to get the loads I needed delivered, on time, with such short notice, but you were able to make it happen. One of the problems we face with shipping is always communication and you are second to none in that category. Nobody else in your industry that I know of calls or emails to confirm things made it. If you ever need a reference let me know.

Chad R. Galbreath

Testimonial from Home Farm Supply Home Farm Supply

Home Farm Supply is an agriculture retail business. Our transportation needs are very seasonal, and we need to move a lot of tonnage in a short period of time. KITS Brokerage has always been very professional and responsive to our shipping needs---we have to "make hay when the sun shines!" Their prices are competitive, but more importantly, they follow through with the loads. KITS Brokerage service is great, and we do not have to dedicate time to manage trucking.

William McMillen